Everyone loves to save money. We can save customers plenty of money with our ultra-competitive rates. We have been surprised how much money some companies, even the largest ones are paying. We love to help customers save.

Castle Currency makes it extremely easy. Once your payee info and banking details are entered you simply log in enter the amount you need to send, get the currency rates and off it goes. Simple, quick, and at your fingertips.

Nothing in life is free. Typically dealers take their profits in the currency rates. We will guarantee you get a consistently better rate using Castle Currency

Currency never moves only in one direction.  There are opportunities throughout the year to capture beneficial moves, sometimes only lasting very short periods of time.  Companies have to be prepared to take opportunities when they arise, not look back and wish they should have.

This is not correct.  A company, for example, that hedges forward 12 months allows itself the flexibility to extend its protection anytime throughout the upcoming 12 months.  Companies that rely on exchanging funds as needed are taking the price available at the time, regardless of how poor it may be.  It is true that prolonged major trends will eventually catch up to all companies, though companies hedging their exposure forward will have much more time to adjust to any new price levels and may not have to suffer so long at undesirable rates.

Currency, more than any other item, can affect the profitability of the company.

Though anyone is capable of making trades, improving the execution price directly increases your profit. Valuable advice from a currency expert can add 10% or more directly to your bottom line.

Only if you are unsure if you will receive or need those funds. However, by doing nothing when you do have risk you are speculating or hoping that the currency will not cause your business any harm.

Great, question! Go to our live charts and compare our rate real-time to your dealer. We guarantee we will provide you a consistently better rate.

Our opinion stay away. High risk and uncertainty.

We do not sell option nor feel they are a good fit for most companies. They can be overly complex and create more risk at times. They also have a much higher profit margin for the dealers.

Nothing in life is free. These are a cute name for options. To make it zero cost you must give something up. Typically they are setup that you would take twice as many options as you are trying to cover. Meaning if it goes in the wrong direction you have locked in twice your protected amount. We think there are smarter ways to manage risks.