Castle Currency proudly provides international support services to Telpay

Telpay is a leading bill payment and money transfer company.
Founded in 1985 it has conducted hundreds of billions of payments
for tens of thousands of customers.


Exchange Money

Currency Conversion and Forwards

Access real-time, true currency rates.
Big time savings for large corporations & small businesses.
Goodbye second class treatment, say hello to more money.

Fair. Transparent. Guaranteed.


Old Way

  • Not always fair deal
  • Hidden fees
  • Inflated exchange rate

Castle Currency

  • Transparent
  • Live rates
  • Fair deal

Send Money
International Payments

Old Way

  • Misleading pricing
  • Big banks
  • 80’s technology
  • Expensive
  • Slow
  • Hidden fees

Castle Currency

  • Accountant friendly
  • Automated
  • Cost Saving
  • Integrates with
    accounting software.

Stop paying bills like it’s the 80’s

Goodbye stamp licking & slow payments.
Say hello to speed and simplicity.
Send money quickly and securely.
Pay vendors, employees, and consultants.

Simple. Fast. Fair.

Receive Money

Make it easier for your
customers to pay you.

Goodbye chasing, say hello to your money sooner.
Offer your customers an easier & cheaper way to pay you.

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Quick. Simple. Helpful.

Old Way

  • Lost
  • Delays
  • Chasing

Castle Currency

  • Saves customer’s money
  • Simple
  • Tracked

Payroll Direct Deposit


Old Way

  • Tedious
  • Time Consuming

Castle Currency

  • Time saving
  • Flexible

Payroll processing made easy.

Direct deposit, batch payments,
Any accounting program.
Goodbye tedious tasks, say hello to pushing a button.
Pay your Canadian employees with direct deposit.

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Convenient. Secure. Trusted.